Asset Searches
(for Judgement and Debt Collection Purposes Only)

US Collection Service's independent private investigators provide comprehensive asset investigations anywhere in the United States. Our investigators identify hidden bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, certificates of deposits, brokerage investment accounts including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, real property, vehicles, watercraft and aircrafts.

Our investigators identify assets for the enforcement and collection of judgments, child support cases, probate matters, identify assets prior to litigation and accepting a personal injury or malpractice settlement

When selecting a firm to locate assets for the enforcement of a judgment, child support claim, probate matter, litigation and settlements, you have a choice. It is an important decision. Let us help you make that choice. U.S. Collection Services is the answer to all of your needs.

Asset searches are for providing information for the collection of debts:

  • Civil Judgments - Judgment Recovery and Collection
  • Pre-Judgment - for Attorneys and Private Investigators
  • Family Law - As it pertains to Alimony and Child Support
  • Tax Warrants - Locate Bank Accounts and Property for Garnishment / Satisfaction of Tax Warrants

Our asset search service includes state and NATIONWIDE property searches, state and NATIONWIDE bank account search, employment search, brokerage search, and skip traces. .

Let us start an asset search for you before it is too late. 
We can find and deliver the following information in  24 to 72 hours

  • Individuals
  • Relatives
  • Officers of Company’s
  • Real Estate, Bank Accounts, investments
  • Vehicles, Watercraft, Airplanes
  • Professional Licenses
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments
Private Investigator Asset Search

Our understanding and focus makes us uniquely qualified to assist in all your asset search needs. 
Just a few of our advantages include:  

  • Pricing - Our prices are competitive.  No other collection agency or asset locator can match  our pricing for Nationwide skip tracing, property search or bank account search.  
  • Professional Discounts - We offer a Professional Discount Program for attorneys, private

    Contact our offices to discuss the best arrangement for your organization. 
  • Selection - We provide a full selection of skip trace, bank account search and asset search packages that are created especially for law firms, attorneys, P.I.'s and  their clients.  We understand the type of information you are looking for.  Therefore, you  can be assured that we are providing you with useful information, not useless data.

An asset search, otherwise known as an asset check, looks for

  • bank account search
  • bank accounts
  • checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • safe deposit boxes
  • investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pensions
  • real property
  • real estate
  • cars boats planes

We trace all types of assets, including:
  • Bank accounts
  • Brokerage and investment accounts
  • Motor vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft
  • Real property
  • Employment
  • Business ownership and affiliations
  • Patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Off-shore bank accounts
  • Foreign asset searches on individuals and business entities
  • Public record information
  • Custom searches to satisfy client's specific requirements

US Collection services offer asset research and commercial asset investigation using time-tested procedures that have left our clients asking for more. Our team of experienced investigators prefers to tread extra miles when it comes to client satisfaction. With an array of services along with years of experience, we have emerged as a leading provider of Commercial Asset Investigation services. We have access to a wide range of tools and techniques and along with a realistic framework we strive to offer the best to our clients. The time that our employees spend in cross-checking the legal documents leaves no opportunity for errors.

Our unending search for excellence has guided our private investigators locate the financial accounts that are usually not revealed by people during court trials. When it comes to Private Investigator Asset Research, we begin our work from the preliminary level at first before moving on to the complexities. Moreover, our team has the soft skills to deal with the clients and provide answers to their queries during the proceedings of the work that have been assigned to them. With a host of dedicated people, we have successfully provided information to our clients about the assets of the other party involved in a case.

When choosing a firm for commercial asset investigation, you have to look for the services carefully before arriving at a decision. US Collection Services has earned the reputation for offering uncompromising services to clients over the years. Moreover, we handle investigations in different areas of the United States. You can go through our services to know more about the quality and authenticity of the services that we offer to the clients. Besides this, talking to some our previous clients bears a testimony to an array of investigation and asset research services the reasons for which we have received international acclaim. We have the most versatile solutions for clients coming from different industries and backgrounds.

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