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Dear Landlord,

We at US Collection Services have a specialty. Turning your broken leases into cash. And yes, even the old ones. Because of the FCRA we can only go back 7 years though. No collection, no charge. We bear all of the costs. Mailing, phone calls, skip tracing etc.

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Whether you have 1 or a 100, we can handle it for you.

Our fee is 50% of anything collected, but 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Many apartment skips move out of state.

We will track them down and pursue our collection procedures anywhere in the country. Most skips do not care about what you do, but do not want us in the picture. We have many years of experience in collecting broken leases.

Let us show you what we can do.

We make it very simple to sign up with us. You can click the link above to print out our collection agreement.

You can fill it out and fax, email or mail it to us. If it would make it easier for you, simply send us the first page of their lease, a copy of their application if you have one and your move out form.

Just write the term of the lease, approximate move out date, how many months left and the amount to be collected. You must also sign our collection agreement. It’s that simple.

We look forward helping you.

Thank you

US Collection Services

We handle individual, small business, corporate and commercial accounts big or small.

Apartment complexes, management companies, and property association that we specialize in the collection of broken leases at a 50% charge.

A highly trained and experienced staff of skip tracers, attorneys, private investigators and professional collection agents team.

Contingency Based Collections

We typically accept debt collection matters on a contingency fee basis. We're paid only when we successfully recover a delinquent debt. The fee arrangements vary depending on the nature of your case.

We're collection specialists with good success rates in recovering viable debts. Our experienced debt collectors chase your money with full debt collection efforts and never give up on any account. So, with us, you're more likely to recover your unpaid debts.

If for any reason your debt isn't recovered by us, you're not charged whatsoever. You're charged nothing unless you're paid. Quite simply, you've absolutely nothing to lose.

No other company pursues delinquent tenants as aggressively.

US Collection Services has emerged as the most assertive and competitive agency for recovering rents from the tenants. We have a framework of contingency based collection services that involves no risks or upfront fees. Our open-ended services help our clients remain informed 24x7 for collecting the rent that is yet to be recovered. We have excelled as a landlord debt collection agency all that we charge is a share of the rent that we have recovered. Although we do not give up on our efforts, we do not accept fees from our clients unless we deliver the debt amount to our clients.

We follow a set of procedures for recovering the rent for those landlords that avail our services as we have several years of experience in collecting debt amounts. We ask for a copy of the lease agreement from our landlords that can be mailed or faxed to us. The information required for recovering the debts is obtained by our team of experts without causing a speck of trouble to the clients. Contrary to Landlord Debt Collection agencies that ask for upfront fees, our primary concern is to maintain the quality of work which is to be delivered to the client. We have acquired expertise in collection of broken lease and our rates are genuinely affordable.

Hiring US Collection Services for recovering the rent ensures that there is little scope of mistakes as we follow some of the most aggressive strategies and track the movements of the tenants. We have a large team of dedicated experts that have handled several cases of recovering debts of landlords. You can call us for speaking to our executives or send a mail to us stating your problems for recovering old debts. All that we need is the information regarding the tenure of the lease along with the debt amount that we need to collect from the debtors. With an excellent surveillance system, you can trust our company for all kinds of debt recovery services.

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