Discovering Place of Employment for Garnishing Wages

In order for you to use a wage garnishment of your judgment debtor, you obviously must find out where the debtor is employed. The information in this post will explain some very easy ways for locating the place of employment for garnishing wages of your judgment debtor.

One of the easiest ways to discover employment to simply follow your judgment debtor when he leaves home to go to work. It goes without saying that this is much easier when your debtor lives and works in an area that is convenient for you to get to. I have used this method successfully. This method will work with one vehicle following the subject, but using 2 vehicles to follow the subject vehicle works better. On occasion I have enlisted the assistance of someone else to help me follow the debtor. Having 2 cars to follow the debtor allows you to alternate which vehicle is tailing closest to the subject vehicle. This helps eliminate the debtor noticing that the same car keeps following and making all of the same turns as he does. By using cell phones or 2-way radios both you and your helper can stay in contact and lessen the chance of losing the subject vehicle in traffic. The trick is to follow close enough that you don’t lose eye contact with your debtor’s vehicle, while staying far enough away that you won’t seem too conspicuous.

Another simple way to discover the judgment debtor’s place of employment is to ask someone who would know. It might be as simple as asking one of the debtor’s neighbors or a friend or family member. Even better, ask an ex-spouse or ex-friend. I find that they will tell all kinds of stuff about the debtor.

If you know who a past employer is, contact them and ask if they know where the debtor works. It is not unusual for previous employers to know where a former employee went to work after leaving them.

If you don’t know the who the current employer is, but you know what kind of work the debtor does, it can give you some tips. If you know the debtor worked as a plumber, call the plumbers listed in the telephone book and ask for the debtor by name when they answer the phone. If the judgment debtor works there you should be able to find out.

Garnishing wages is not possible in some places. Fortunately it is allowed in most states. If you plan on doing a wage garnishment, locate the place of employmentas soon as you can.

I hope this helps you learn a bit more about how to collect your judgment!

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