Judgment Investigation – Where to Focus

This is just a quick post about where you need to place your focus in your judgment investigation. I am only talking in very broad, general terms here. So where should you focus your main effort while investigating and uncovering what you can in your judgment collection process? Let’s assume that you already know that your judgment is not flawed and it should be fully enforceable.

Some people might think it would be most important to investigate your judgment debtor. I definitely agree that it helps to know as much as you can about your debtor. But this is not the most beneficial area of investigation.

Without a doubt, the very most vital area to investigate is the judgment debtor’s assets. There is no danger that you will discover too much information about his assets. The whole idea is to collect your judgment money isn’t it? Of course it is. Any judgment creditor would do well to MAJOR on identifying and locating assets to levy, garnish, or seize.

If you compare everything else that you can possibly discover about your judgment debtor to what you find out about his assets, the importance of the asset investigation will outweigh all of the rest of the stuff 100% of the time.

This isn’t to imply that other things are not important to collecting a judgment, it is just making you aware of the most important part. It would be good to take this into consideration as you decide where to best invest your time and efforts in post judgment investigation.

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