Judgment Attorney – Help Collecting Judgments?

How can a judgment attorney be of help in collecting judgments? Judgment attorneys can be helpful in several ways. Collecting judgments can sometimes be difficult. Some judgments are time consuming to enforce. If a judgment creditor faces a situation where it appears likely that collecting a judgment is going to be too time consuming or difficult, it is good to know that there are competent judgment lawyers who can handle all or part of the job.

I am thoroughly convinced that many lawyers who excel as litigation specialists, don’t wish to pursue post judgment remedies for their clients. They just don’t seem to have the same motivation for judgment enforcement as they have at winning the lawsuit in court. That being said, there are still situations where a judgment lawyer will make the difference in getting some judgment debts paid. If a judgment debtor is absolutely determined not to pay, and he intimidates the judgment creditor, it is possible that involving a good judgment attorney will move the judgment collection process forward with less stress to the judgment creditor. If trying to collect your judgment money by yourself ends up giving you a heart attack or stroke, it isn’t worth it. Life is too short, and too precious for you to let a situation with a judgment debtor ruin things for you. Letting an attorney handle things only makes sense in these cases.

If your money judgment is for an extremely large amount, you might be more likely to seek professional legal help than you would if the amount of money at stake is relatively small. I certainly would understand how a person might look at things this way.

There are other times when attempts to enforce your judgment require much more of your time and energy than you had bargained for. Although hiring a lawyer can cost a hefty hourly fee, it might be reasonable to go in that direction. Of course, if your judgment attorney is willing to tackle collecting your judgment on a percentage based contingency arrangement, that probably makes more sense.

The key to successfully using a judgment lawyer is to intelligently screen any attorney candidate before turning your judgment over to him or her. Inquire of other attorneys or friends who might know of any judgment lawyers who have a proven track record of successfully enforcing judgments. When speaking to a candidate make sure you find out if he or she has handled a judgment where the post-judgment situation is similar to what your judgment and judgment debtor present. If there is a particular difficulty in your case, make sure your candidate gives you confidence that he knows how to tackle your particular difficulty. Every attorney has strengths and weaknesses. You need to satisfy yourself that a possible candidate is a wise choice. Don’t be afraid to tactfully question a lawyer about his knowledge and experience in handling enforcements of money awards like yours.

If I were sure that proceeding with the task of judgment collection without a lawyer would be too daunting, I would feel good with letting a qualified judgment attorney enforce my judgment. Whatever decision you make about whether to use a lawyer or not, should be a decision that gives you the most satisfaction and peace of mind. In the long run, that decision may or may not get you the most money. Only you can decide what is most important for you.

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In my opinion most judgment collecting can be handled very well without using the services of judgment attorneys. But, I am definitely not against using them.

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