My Judgment

It’s my judgment. I am the one who was done wrong by my legal adversary. I am the person who had a legitimate complaint and took my problem to court. I am the one that the court agreed with. It was me who was awarded a money judgment to help make right the wrong that I suffered. It is my judgment. It belongs to me.

My money judgment doesn’t belong to a lawyer. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. It is my judgment.

If I choose I can pursue collection of my judgment all by myself. If I want, I can turn over the collection to an attorney or a collection agency. I can just as well assign my judgment to a judgment enforcer who will then own the right to enforce my judgment according to how he or she decides. Whatever I do with my judgment is absolutely unequivocally up to me.

There is absolutely no reason for me to feel pressured by any other person to do anything concerning my judgment. It is my choice, my decision. I can do something which might lead to collecting my judgment right now, or I can sit on it for awhile. I have years to do something with it, or not do anything with it. I get to decide if or when I enforce my judgment. I get to decide.

Whether I ever get any money out of my money judgment is my own business. I have at least a small satisfaction is knowing that I won my case in court. Surely I would feel a whole lot better if I do collect all that is owed me by my judgment debtor, but how that may be accomplished, and when, is up to me. After all, my judicial judgment certainly is MY JUDGMENT!

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