Collecting Your Judgment Can Be a Game

I like the idea of treating the collection of your judgment as if it were a game. There is usually so much stress involved in the situation that led to the law suit to begin with. Then there is the stress of preparing for court and fighting to win the court’s favorable decision. When it comes time to collect your money, it can be just as stressful.

If you remind yourself that usually only about 20% of judgment owners ever collect the money that is owed on the judgment, you can give yourself permission to ease up on the pressure that you have been experiencing through the whole law suit thing. Chances are with the right information and with the right application of judgment enforcement tactics, you can be one of the fortunate 20% and actually collect your judgment. If you end up getting your money, great for you, you deserve it. If you come up short on collecting, be patient, things can change. After all, a judgment can be enforced for several years. In some states a judgment debt can be pursued for 10 or 20 years. Time is on your side.

I like to think of the collection process as a sort of game. In my mind it becomes an enjoyable competition between me and the debtor.

Turning down the temperature on emotions can be much better on your health, and can also assist in actually finding success at getting your money. When you aren’t being driven by stressful emotions, you can normally make more intelligent decisions about the enforcement strategies you are implementing. The brain works better when feelings are tempered.

By looking at this process as a game, you can take pleasure in every little success that you experience in the collection routine. You can give yourself a pat on the back if you do something that gets you closer to final and total satisfaction of the debt. If you employ a collection tactic that gets you some money, or if you out maneuver the dead beat debtor and squeeze some of funds out of his assets, you deserve to feel good about it. In fact you deserve to feel tremendous about it.

In my opinion, just winning a law suit and obtaining a money judgment is not enough to make me feel like justice has been served. For me, justice only comes when the judgment debt is paid. I feel good right now just thinking about it.

There’s no need to feel stressed about how to collect your judgment. Relax and make it a game that you are playing. Who knows, maybe you will win the championship!

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