Document Preparation in Judgment Collection

Sometimes in the process of collecting your judgment it becomes necessary to prepare legal documents. There are so many types of document types that it can be confusing trying to figure out how to prepare the documents correctly. Doing it right can certainly be important. After all, you don’t want to have a judge or clerk of court refuse to accept a vital document that is needed for ultimately collecting the money you are owed from your judgment.

I have experienced confusion myself over how to properly construct a post-judgment document for the courts. I have found some ways to make the process more sure and acceptable.

First, I have looked for examples of the exact or similar document in case files at the court house. This has been fruitful for me on numerous occasions. If I need to file a particular motion, or respond to a motion, I have been able to locate a document like I need in a case file. I then use it as a template for what I needed. Normally I will be looking at a document previously prepared by an attorney. It makes life easier for me this way.

Whenever I have needed to use a particular form, I check to see if the form is available from the court itself. Sometimes I have found the proper forms to be available online from the official court website. Honestly, most of the forms I have needed in enforcing judgments has been available from one or the other of these two sources. You can also look in your local law library for a book that will have court approved forms that you can copy. The main thing is that if the court requires a particular form to be used, they will have a place for you to find the proper form.

Another thing that has helped me collect my judgments has been to hire someone who works in a law office to type the motion or other document for me. I have done this when I was unsure of how to type it myself in a way that would meet the criteria of the court. I have felt that it was worth spending a few bucks for someone who knows what they are doing, to type it for me. To date, I have never had a document to be refused when I presented it. Peace of mind about doing things correctly and acceptably means quite a bit to me. I know several legal secretaries that I go to church with, that have been glad to type up a document occasionally when I need it. Their typing and legal experience have made my judgment collecting easier.

In some cases, courts are not very picky about documents presented by average citizens like you or me. But other courts have very hard and fast rules about what they will accept and how it should look. I have always managed to find a way to meet the court’s requirements concerning documents without too much time, trouble, or expense.

Finally, I have friends who use Pre-paid Legal Services. If you have a membership with this group, it only makes sense for you to use them for help with your legal documents. My friends swear by them.

It is amazing how some people will gladly help you with this if you just ask them nicely with a smile!

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